Gold Classic Lots Puer Tea
Puer Tea (Ripe) • Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.   • Reduces blood pressur..
High Mountain Oolong Tea
Benefits of Oolong Tea •Can help in improving our bodies metabolism rate and increase fat burni..
Jasmine Tea
Benefits of Jasmine Tea • Helps improve & reduce the risk of stroke • Reduce blood sugar &am..
Lots Apple Flower Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea Apple Flower • Helps in slimming, increase metabolism • High in..
Lots Ginseng Flower Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea Ginseng Flower • Helps to improves metabolism. • High in 1..
Lots Lavender Flower Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea Lavender • It can allay tiredness, tension & sooth anxiety ..
Lots Rose Flower Green Tea
Tea for beauty, excellent for skin & eyes.Benefits of Green Tea Rose• High in vitamin C (60% h..
Lots White Tea
Benefits of  White tea Anti Aging, Improves Skin Texture It has antioxidant and anti-agi..
Steamed Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea• Helps increases calories burning & metabolic rate. • Helps red..
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