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Ancient Tree ZiYa

Ancient Tree ZiYa is made from purple foliage of Yunnan large-leaf variety tea leaf. As a result of natural variation, it is scarce and prized. It is considered to be the first choice for many tea collectors. According to LuYu’s “the Classic of Tea”, purple tea leaves are considered to be superior.

The liquor reveals a faint floral aroma upon drinking.  tastes mellow, soothing, with a smooth yet light texture. It ends with a plump finish at the back of the throat, as though all of its essence were released at the moment swallowing. As the tea age, its taste and texture would also evolve to be more developed and well-layered.

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Tea leaves

Origin: Yunnan

Tea variety: Raw pu’er

Year: 2020

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place.

Brewing method

Teaware: Purple clay teapot or Porcelain

Tea amount: 6g - 7g

Water temperature: 85℃ - 90℃

Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times

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