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BanZhang LaoZhai

Location: BanZhang LaoZhai - MengHai County - BuLang mountain - Xishuangbanna - Yunnan

Altitude: 1200 - 1600m

Ancient tree tea from BanZhang LaoZhai is hailed as the ‘King of Kings’ of pu’er tea. Its flavours are immense yet palatable, just like a king’s great-heartedness and magnaminty. Due to geographical advantage and favourable ecological environment, ancient tea trees grown there have robust buds and lasting aroma.

BanZhang LaoZhai’s ancient tree tea is the standard large-leaf variety. The leaves are thicker in size, the buds stouter and covered in trichomes, which is not commonly seen in other tea regions. This tea has an intense mountain charm. Its orchid honey-like aroma is apparent in the liquor, the dreg and even the emptied cup. Its sweetness, fullness, texture and finish are all-around ancient tree tea characteristics. Savoured, sensation of penetration and pull and be felt on the surface of tongue, palate and throat with a strong “qi”.

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Tea leaves

Origin: Yunnan

Tea variety: Raw pu’er

Year: 2020

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place.

Brewing method

Teaware: Purple clay teapot or Porcelain

Tea amount: 6g - 7g

Water temperature: 85℃ - 90℃

Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times

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