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PaSha ZhengShan

Location: PaSha - MengHai County - Xishuangbanna - Yunnan

Altitude: 1500 - 1800m

Within the mountain range of PaShaPaSha XinZhaiPaSha LaoZhaiPaSha ZhongZhaiNanGanLaoDuan are all residences of the Hani people tracing back to the Tang dynasty. According to the local ethnic minorities, the Hani people were forced to relocate from PaSha to present-day BanZhang due to defeat in war. Ancient tea tree estate in PaSha is renowned to have the oldest tea trees on average. The oldest-known planted tea trees still existing in PaShat dates back to the Tang dynasty. The ancestors’ hard work and cultivation panned out for their descendants -- approximately 19,300 acres of naturally nurtured ancient tea estate stretching across the PaSha mountains.

PaSha ancient tree tea has a prominent ancient tea charm. Fine, crisp sweetness intervenes with slight bitterness along with rich “qi” encases the whole palate. Rolled around the mouth, the tea liquor is full-bodied, with thick consistency and smooth in texture. It has a strong finishing kick at the back of the throat that slowly sinks. The robust aftertaste and pleasant salivation after tasting are all attributes unique to PaSha’s geographical features.

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Tea leaves

Origin: Yunnan

Tea variety: Raw pu’er

Year: 2020

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place.

Brewing method

Teaware: Purple clay teapot or Porcelain

Tea amount: 6g - 7g

Water temperature: 85℃ - 90℃

Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times

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