Gu Yun Hao [Experience the ultimate bliss of tea appreciation with ancient tree tea] 


What doesGuYunHaostands for? 
「Gu古」represents ancient tea tree and our company's name (Guyizhai in mandarin); two clouds,Yun雲」, represents Yunnan and Malaysia;Hao号」represents a traditional tea crafting process. With years of accumulated experience and knowledge of Pu'er tea, GuYunHaowas born. For the very purpose of crafting ancient tree tea, our very own tea workshop (crafted from fresh tea leaves) was established in Hekai, Yunnan. We were the first tea company in Malaysia to establish a tea workshop specialising in the production of ancient tree tea on ancient tea mountains. Besides that, we have also set up stops in Banzhang Laozhai, Laoman'e and Mangjing Shangzhai to purchase fresh tea leaves. All of our hearts, just to craft a tea to perfection. 

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2020 Qian Nian Cha Hun
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