Hawthorn Tea
Benefits of Hawthorn • Digestive system complaints such as indigestion, diarrhea , and stom..
Jiao Gu Lan
Gynostemma herb, also known as ‘twisting vine orchid’ has the nutrients in recuperation of internal..
Lots Genmai Tea
Benefit of Genmai Green Tea • Contains green tea that helps in anti-oxidation, anti-bacter..
Lots Golden Fairy "Lo Han Guo"
4 pcs of Lo Han Guo per boxThe organic cultivation farm of “Lots Golden Fairy” luo han guo is loca..
Lots Soba Tea
Benefit of Soba Tea Soften the blood vessels, improves body microcycle, improves detoxificati..
Matcha Crisps
Net Weight: 150gIngredient: Matcha CrispsStorage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odou..
Benefits of Roselle • Heat cleansing, thirst clenching, relieves coughing, reduces blood pressure,..
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