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ZhuangYuanHong WuYi Cliff Tea 

ZhuangYuanHong is the most famous cliff tea in WuYi mountain, also known as the "King of Tea". The production of ZhuangYuanHong still retains the most traditional tea making technology, by using traditional handcrafted methods to keep its most traditional Wuyi taste.

The aroma and taste of this tea are rich and varied, with a distinct rock rhyme and a long aftertaste. The tea liquor texture is full, thick and has a subtle aroma of orchids. 

Dried tea leave are tightly-knotted with greenish-brown hue, the liquor is mellow, with a sense of thickness with a aroma of orchids. The color of the tea liquor is orange and bright, taste is mellow and full, which is one of the best tea you need to try.

Brewing method

Teaware: Purple Clay or porcelain

Amount of tea: 8g

Water temperature: 95 - 100°C

Steep time: 12-20 sec

Ingredient: Wu Yi Cliff Tea
Netweight: 8g x 12
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

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