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Yuan」& ManRipe Pu‘er s a fully fermented tea produced in Yunnan and was launched as a series of the well receivedFu(Blessed) , Le(Hapiness),Xi(Joyful),Feng(Abundance)  and Sheng(Prosperous) New Year Ripe Pu'er.

The characterYuanrepresents  "Complete", and the characterManrepresents  "Full" in Mandarin.
While the full meaning of 
Yuan Manrepresents to "Satisfactory".

Product description

Aromatic with rich flavours. Tea aroma sinks in with strong aftertaste.

Helps with

• Reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level

• Warms stomach

Weight: 357g + 357g

Ingredients: Tea leaves

Place of origin: Yunnan

Tea variety: Ripe Pu’er Tea

Year: YuanCompressed in Year 2019, ManCompressed in Year 2020

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place. 

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