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 XinChou YearOx Ripe Puer and  GengZi YearRat Raw Puer is one of the Chinese zodiac Puer tea cake series launched every lunar new year.
XinChou Year Ox Ripe Puer is fully fermented Puer, whileGengZi YearRat Raw Puer is not fermented Puer which both are originating of Yunnan.

The taste Ripe Puer has a hint of jujube fragrance, with a sweet and refreshing finish. While the taste of Raw Puer was clean and refreshing.

Helps with

• Reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level

• Warms stomach

Weight: 357g + 357g

Ingredients: Tea leaves

Place of origin: Yunnan

Tea variety: Ripe Pu’er Tea

Year: Rat Raw Puer Compressed in Year 2019, Ox Ripe Puer Compressed in Year 2020

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place.

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