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Benefits of Green Tea 

• Helps increase calories burning & metabolic rate.  

• Helps reduce blood sugar and blood cholesterol.  

• High in antioxidant that can prevent blood vessels damage.  

• Helps reduce blood clotting, which can prevent both heart attack & stroke. 

Steamed Green Tea 

The use of steam in fixation, kills off the enzymes in freshly-picked leaves, and halts the oxidation process in a quick and effective way. 

This steaming process has a significant effect on capture and retain the nutrients, fragrance, flavour quality. 

Serving Suggestion 

1. Place a tea bag or tea leaves into a 600ml teapot. 

2. Add hot water for 1-2 minutes for first brew. 

3. Gradually increase the time for subsequent brewing. 

4. May be taken warm or cold. 

Net Weight: 100g/can 

Ingredient: Green Tea 

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

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