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Classic 25is a custom made commemorative work to celebrate Legend of Tea’s 25th anniversary. Made from a perfect combination of year 2015 LaoManEr, year 2016 BuLang & year 2017 HeKai’s spring tea. 


The slight bitter melts away almost immediately as salivary excretion kicks in. Its rich layers of flavour and fragrances leave a soft yet long-lasting aftertaste. Its mini design makes it small and exquisite, and saves you the time to loosen, pry and weight tea. Easily pocketable, you can enjoy perfect tea anytime, anywhere, even with time for a cup of tea. 

Weight: 1 basket (7g x 7 mini tea biscuits x 12 tubes) 

Ingredient: Tea leaves 

Place of origin: Yunnan - Xishuangbanna  

• Year 2015 LaoManEr Mountain spring tea leaves 

• Year 2016 PuLang Mountain spring tea leaves 

• Year 2017 HeKai Mountain spring tea leaves 

Tea variety: Raw Pu’er ecological tea 

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place.

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