Lots Ginseng Flower Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea Ginseng Flower • Helps to improves metabolism. • High in 1..
Lots Gold Classic Puer Tea
Puer Tea (Ripe) • Helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.   • Helps red..
Lots Golden Fairy "Lo Han Guo"
The organic cultivation farm of “Lots Golden Fairy” luo han guo is located at Yong Fu Bai Shou vil..
Lots Lavender Flower Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea Lavender • It can allay tiredness, tension & sooth anxiety ..
Lots Rose Flower Green Tea
Tea for beauty, excellent for skin & eyes.   Benefits of Green Tea Rose • ..
Lots Rose Oolong Tea
RM28.30 RM26.04
Tea for slimming & beauty, excellent for skin & eyes.   Benefits of Rose Oo..
Lots Soba Tea
RM21.90 RM20.15
Benefit of Soba Tea Soften the blood vessels, improves body microcycle, improves deto..
Lots White Tea
RM25.90 RM23.83
Benefits of White tea • Anti Aging, Improves Skin Texture • It has antiox..
Man Ripe Puer
RM63.00 RM57.96
「Man」Ripe Pu‘er s a fully fermented tea produced in Yunnan and was launched as a series of the well ..
Matcha Crisps
RM13.20 RM12.15
Ingredient: - Green Tea Powder (Matcha Green Tea Powder)- Osmanthus- Wheat Flour- Butter Oil-..
Matcha Green Tea Powder
Health Benefits of Matcha Powder Matcha Green Tea contains over 100 times more antioxida..
Mi Lan Dan Cong
RM118.00 RM108.56
Mi Lan Dan Cong Oolong TeaMi Lan Dan Cong is one of the ten signature Phoenix Dan Cong, produced in ..
Osmanthus Tea
RM15.00 RM13.80
Benefits of Osmanthus • Strengthen the stomach • Helps digestion • Improves lu..
Peony White Tea
RM75.00 RM69.00
Peony Biscuit White TeaWhite tea is minimally processed, the main process consists of : witheri..
Red Rose
RM15.00 RM13.80
Benefits of Red Rose • High in vitamin C (60% higher than oranges) • Important for collagen..
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