In conjunction with the International Children's Day, Legend of Tea, specially organised a tea brewing competition for children to experience about tea culture. We hope to introduce tea culture to the children. Let the children experience tea making, parent-child interaction, the health benefits of tea, and understand the meaning of tea. 


Tea brewing is actually very simple, with basic understanding of tea brewing variables: amount of tea, steep time and water temperature, everyone can brew tea! Parents and children who are interested to learn about tea art do stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming activities!  

Competition Rules & Regulation 
1) Participants need to upload the video of the child (12 y/o and under) brewing tea & share it on their personal Facebook page and also to【@古意斋。乐活。茶空间】Facebook group. 

2) Participants will need to use hashtags  #体验泡茶很简单    #LegendOfTea

3) Participant with the most likes & shares on their Facebook page &【古意斋。乐活。茶空间】Facebook group will get a grand prize of (Tea Set & Mini Pu'er Teas). 

4) 【古意斋。乐活。茶空间】will be open to receive videos from Participants from 7/6 (Sunday) . 

5) The organiser owns the copyright of all visual images and videos of the entries, and has the right to use for other purposes, such as promotion, and during the competition. 

6) The organiser reserves the right to add and / or change any competition specifications without any prior notice. 

7)The organiser has the right to change the competition prize on the official website or other promotional materials without any prior notice. 


Deadline : 19/6 (Friday) 12 p.m. 
Winner will be announced on 21/6 (Sunday) 
*All participants will receive 2 Legend of Tea Matcha Ice Cream giveaway (e-Vouchers) 

Facebook page :

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