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Aged Bing Lang Xiang 032 Liu Bao (2003 Year) 


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Aged Bing Lang Xiang 032 Liu Bao (10g) worth RM9.90 

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Bing Lang Xiang 025 Liu Bao (10g) orth RM8.90 

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Product Description

Aged Bing Lang Xiang 032 made by traditional "Double Steamed, Double Pressure" method, after years of aging which made a unique betelnut flavour. The tea liquor is in red and bright, 'Yun' taste thick, strong, sweet aftertaste and long-lasting.

The tea is tangy, the betelnut aroma is full, the throat is fresh and sweet, and the aftertaste is long and refreshing.


Ingredients: Liu Bao Tea Leaves 

Weight: 100g 

Storage: Store in dry, cool, shaded, well ventilated and odourless place. 

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